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what is iChild?

iChild is software that makes learning and development documentation and collaboration with families easier than ever before - encompassing revolutionary tools to enhance the early learning setting experience.

bespoke software for discerning educators

features at a glance....

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curriculum planner

Introducing LearnMap™

Experts in early education are calling this "the game changer"...

Imagine an amazing online tool that allows you to design authentic, meaningful curriculum - and have fun doing it.

LearnMap™ is a complete curriculum planner allowing you to go completely online - avoid doubling up on documentation and involve parents/guardians like never before.

LearnMap lets you record child's interests and input, Educational Records (Learning Stories and Observations), Curriculum Decisions and Notes / Jottings.
monitor learning

Introducing LearnWheel™

Track and monitor learning and development with a revolutionary interactive tool - LearnWheel™.

LearnWheel™ makes analysing a child's learning easier than ever before - instantly gain insight into a child's exposure to learning framework(s) - providing immediate insight to help program planning and design.
Routine Management

Record and share routine

Record routine in seconds and share with parents/guardians.

Parents / guardians have total visibility of their child's day via realtime communication.

You click a few buttons, iChild does the rest.
Educational Records

Document learning and development authentically

iChild leads the way with innovative approaches to documenting - embedding links to Learning Frameworks and complete references to all areas required under the National Quality Framework.

Beautiful documents are shared with parents/guardians, published to the parents portal, once you're comfortable.

Let iChild handle the collaboration between staff and parents.
Document Management

Keep your documents organised

Document Management system allows you to upload any number of documents and make them available to both parents/guardians and staff.

iChild auto archives the older versions, so you can keep track of version history.

This ensures staff have the latest version and can update staff and parents/guardians of new updates to policies/procedures, incident forms etc.
Parent Portal

Engage and collaborate

iChild provides a stunning parent portal as a communication tool to engage with families.

As a world's first, you can share the entire curriculum - you manage the visibility of records in a beautiful setting.

Parent/guardians read educational records and provide comments - giving instant feedback to help collaborate with educators.
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iChild runs on any device, any operating system, be it Apple iOS, Google Android or Microsoft.

per child prepaid annually
Standard edition contains everything you need and more.

Ideal for LDC, FDC, OOSH, OC.

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We help the world's top early education providers deliver amazing results.

enhance, support, improve educational outcomes
collaboration and community is at the heart and soul of what we do
empower the world's top educators to apply their expertise
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